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Two Names. One Mission.

Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) --formed in 1993 as part of two-part non profit in Chicago

Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC (T/MI) -- formed in 2011 to continue T/MC in Chicago and help similar intermediaries grow in other cities.

Sorry for the confusion. Hopefully the information below helps you understand why two names are still being used.


If we agree that connecting a youth with extra adults and learning in non-school hours is a good thing, then what would we need to do to make well-organized, non-school tutor and/or mentor programs be available in all high poverty neighborhoods?

The graphics on this page are intended to help people understand the many different components of the Tutor/Mentor Institute and Tutor/Mentor Connection.



Through the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC we will seek investment and partners to develop the technology, host events and training, and support the growth of a Tutor/Mentor Connection in Chicago and similar structures in other cities. Help develop this strategy via the Groups on the Tutor/Mentor Connection forum.  This concept map shows the Tutor/Mentor Institute and Tutor/Mentor Connection structure. This planning wiki is intended to be a workspace to develop these ideas into business plans, proposals, and on-going activities. View this PDF to see overview of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Triple Bottom Line strategy.

Some people say "too much" or "too complex" but no one says this when looking at the blueprints for building a hotel or factory, or looking at the course selection for getting a 4-year college degree. Maybe people say this because of who we are.These ideas originated from a single person leading a volunteer-based tutor/mentor program in Chicago since 1974.  If they were on the web site of the Mayor of Chicago, a corporate CEO, or a big foundation where people are expected to have "big ideas" we think more people would try to understand and implement them.












Interns have been helping communicate our strategies. View these presentations created by spring 2012 intern.
1. Introduction of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC
2. Collecting & Sharing Information
3. Increasing number of people involved
4. Helping people understand
5. Motivating continuous actions that support individual programs



As you look at this information, consider ways that youth and volunteers in your organization could be creating presentations that communicate these ideas and implement these strategies.

So....we invite you to use them. Help us develop the ideas. Put them on your own web site. Incorporate them in your own leadership.

Strategy map - four steps happening concurrently.  See this map on web.












Each strategy includes many components. Some we've been developing for many years with limited resources. Others are ideas we've had on the drawing boards but without a structure or resources to develop them.  This concept map version of the 4-part strategy shows what help is needed to fully develop this strategy.

This overall strategy represent a collection of ideas and efforts intended to help constantly improving, mentor-rich and career-focused, non-school volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs reach youth in more poverty areas of Chicago and other urban markets.



















This is a lot of information to digest. However, if your boss just gave you a million dollar salary, and a $100 million dollar budget to develop a new product or expand your services into a new market, wouldn't you dig deep into a library of ideas to build a strategy that works?

Preparing America's youth for adult lives in a global economy is a billion dollar challenge. Form a team and begin to dig into this information. Click on the "getting started" page and look at the introductory videos.

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