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Program Locator Directory - Help Needed

Wouldn't it be great to find an on-line resource that would help parents, social workers, volunteers and donors locate places in a city where K-12 youth could connect with tutors, mentors and extra learning in a safe, friendly space?

Wouldn't it be great if leaders could use the same resource to understand where non-school tutor/mentor programs were available, and where more are needed?

Wouldn't it be great if non school organizations offering tutoring, mentoring and learning services to youth in different neighborhoods could easily connect with others who do similar work, or find resource providers who would supply the dollars, technology, ideas and talent each program needs to operate and constantly improve?

These are some of the reasons the Tutor/Mentor Connection started building a Chicago Tutor/Mentor Programs Directory in 1994 which was distributed annually through 2002 (see PDF of 1997 Chicago Programs Directory) and an on-line Program Locator (shown at left) in 2004.

In 2008-9 an interactive map version of the program locator was created, which is described in this animation (click on the simple version button) to see the features of the Program Locator.

NOTE: As of 8/3/18 the Program Locator no longer is fully linking to the Google map platform. Since 2013 we've not been able to update program data.

The Program Locator platform still works, but has not been updated since 2010 due to a severe lack of funding and the list of programs has not been updated since 2013.   I invite you to become a financial supporter/investor to help maintain the program locator, update it, and add new features that help draw volunteers and dollars directly to programs.  If you're from beyond Chicago,  your support enables us (YOU and me) top share this resource with city leaders and youth organizations in your own community, at a far lower cost of development than if they started to build their own Program Locator from scratch.

Visit this page in the Tutor/Mentor Institute LLC wiki to learn more about the Program Locator, its features and help needed to update and upgrade it.

Click this link to make a contribution using PayPal.

Mail contributions to:

Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC

Merchandise Mart PO Box 3303, Chicago, Il 60654

Email me at tutormentor 1 at gmail dot com or connect with me on Twitter @tutormentorteam to discuss becoming a sponsor, volunteer or partner.


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