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Visit this Page on YouTube to see videos where we explain our ideas and talk about how mentoring transforms the lives of volunteers and youth who become part of well-organized, long-term tutor/mentor programs.

See illustrated PDF strategy essays on Scribd.com and Slideshare.  Use these presentations in discussion groups as part of your own strategic planning.


No General would go to war without a map. Strategies leaders can use.

The Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) has created a variety of short PDF essays to illustrate how maps can be used by leaders to mobilize and distribute volunteers, dollars, technology and other resources to fight America’s war on poverty, poorly performing schools, crime and violence.  

See column in 10-21-2015 Chicago Tribune about using maps in violence prevention strategy.  See map at the left in this blog article. Using maps this way has been a vision of Dan Bassill's since 1993. See article from 1994 ChicagoSunTimes.

These are pdf essays that illustrate use of maps:


  • No General would go to a war without a map - Understanding T/MC use of maps
  • Use of maps and data to show where tutor/mentor programs are most needed
  • Use of maps by elected leaders. Example: Illinois 7th Congressional District
  • Use of maps: Example, Illinois 14th Senate District.
  • Mapping high dropout schools and political districts as strategy for mobilizing votes

    The Chicago Tutor/Mentor Program Locator was created in 2004 to help leaders, volunteers, donors, parents and social workers find places in different zip codes that offer volunteer-based tutoring and/or mentoring in the non-school hours.  NOT ALL FEATURES ARE CURRENTLY WORKING. TECHNOLOGY VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED TO HELP FIX THE PROBLEM.  Email tutormentor 2 at earthlink dot net if you can help.



    The Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC's vision:
    We will help educationally disadvantaged children and youth reach jobs and careers by expanding the number of extra adults who become personally involved in their lives.

    As a result of our actions, thousands of educationally disadvantaged children in major cities like Chicago will participate and benefit from comprehensive, mentor-rich programs that stimulate children's' desire to learn, increase their self-esteem, and reinforce classroom teaching through lessons and friendships with adult role models. Such program will mentor adults into greater involvement while mentoring youth, thus creating a mentoring-to-careers network of adults who will open doors to scholarships, jobs and careers as youth become young adults.  See also Mission and Strategy.


    To achieve this vision leaders from many business, professional, entertainment, media and  other sectors must make their own commitment to the vision and strategy. View this "leadership strategy" map. Consider showing your commitment by putting a version of this on your company web site.

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