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Visit this Page on YouTube to see videos where we explain our ideas and talk about how mentoring transforms the lives of volunteers and youth who become part of well-organized, long-term tutor/mentor programs.

See illustrated PDF strategy essays on Scribd.com and Slideshare.  Use these presentations in discussion groups as part of your own strategic planning.

Role of Leaders - can you take this role?

Essays in this section are roles leaders in business, religion, health care, universities and politics might take to support the growth of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs  in all high poverty areas.

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Network Building - Role of leaders (PDF updated 11/11)

Maximizing Value from Civic Engagement, A Consulting Role PDF

T/MC: A Business Model PDF

Tutor/Mentor Programs as Workforce Development

Leadership Hub - point to places where others can become involved

General Colin Powell, A Leadership Primer (this is not a T/MC created essay).


The Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC's vision:
We will help educationally disadvantaged children and youth reach jobs and careers by expanding the number of extra adults who become personally involved in their lives.

As a result of our actions, thousands of educationally disadvantaged children in major cities like Chicago will participate and benefit from comprehensive, mentor-rich programs that stimulate children's' desire to learn, increase their self-esteem, and reinforce classroom teaching through lessons and friendships with adult role models. Such program will mentor adults into greater involvement while mentoring youth, thus creating a mentoring-to-careers network of adults who will open doors to scholarships, jobs and careers as youth become young adults.  See also Mission and Strategy.


To achieve this vision leaders from many business, professional, entertainment, media and  other sectors must make their own commitment to the vision and strategy. View this "leadership strategy" map. Consider showing your commitment by putting a version of this on your company web site.

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