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Daniel F. Bassill

President, Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection 1992-July 2011

Founder Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC, July 2011

Daniel F. Bassill, CEO, Founder

Daniel F. Bassill combines 40 years of unique experiences into his leadership of the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and the Tutor/Mentor Connection. Few people in the US have a similar depth of involvement and experiences. NOTE: Learn about changes of organizational structure that took place in June 2011.

  • 17 years advertising management in national retail store corporation, creating advertising to draw people to 400 stores in 40 states
  • 4 years as Loaned Executive in Chicago's United Way Crusade of Mercy. Served as consultant to Big 6 accounting firms and major corporations, helping each develop leadership giving and employee donation campaigns
  • 3 years in US Army Intelligence and 4 years history major in college, where I learned to use knowledge for innovation and decision support
  • 36 years leading a volunteer-based tutor/mentor program, connecting workplace volunteers and inner city kids.
  • Visit this page to see a list of awards and recognitions that have been earned in the past 30 years.

Bassill began using computers to solve problems and do work of many people when with the Montgomery Ward Corporation in early 1980. In 1997 he began integrating the Internet into the strategies of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and Cabrini Connections.  On this Tutor/Mentor Institute web site are many pdf essays written by Bassill to illustrate his views and strategies, along with links to many places where Bassill shares extensive information about tutor/mentor programs, where they are needed, why they are needed and how business, philanthropy and volunteers can be more strategically involved.

Bassill shares his ideas on this and other web sites, writes the articles on the http://tutormentor.blogspot.com blog and contributes comments and articles at many other places where he shares  ideas and network with others. His goal is to help a generation of new leaders learn from his own experiences, so there are thousands of people working in the same way to build mentor-rich volunteer-based programs that aim to transform the life of youth and the volunteers who become part of these programs.

Creation of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC, July 2011
In April 2011 the Board of Directors of the combined Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection voted to no longer support the T/MC strategy after June 30. Read more. Dan Bassill, founder and CEO since 1992, was invited to "retire" so he could reform the T/MC into a new structure and continue the mission of the T/MC. In July 2011 Dan created the Tutor/Mentor Institute LLC to provide a new structure to generate revenue and partnership to support the continued operation of the Tutor/Mentor Connection in Chicago and similar intermediary organizations in other cities.  This new structure depends on continued aid from those who have supported the work done over the past 18 years along with finding new partners, sponsors and benefactors.

Review of past 18 years
This timeline shows growth of Cabrini Connections and T/MC since 1992.  The strategy of the T/MC is blueprinted in this Strategy Concept Map.   This article, written in 1997 by one of the founders of CC, T/MC, shows how this all began.

These time lines show the growth of tutoring/mentoring and Cabrini Connections since a small program was started by employees of the Montgomery Ward Corporation in 1965.  Dan Bassill joined Wards in 1973 as an advertising writer and joined the tutoring program the same year. He became the program's volunteer leader in 1975. From then till 1990 he had a full time advertising job with growing responsibilities, while he also had the responsibility of leading a tutoring program that grew from 100 pairs of youth and volunteers in 1975 to 300 pairs by 1990.

See photo albums of Dan with some of the students, volunteers and leaders he's connected with in past 30 years.

Dan's Photos Album 1

Dan 1965-2001

Dan, Montgomery Ward and Cabrini Connections

Dan Videos showing T/MC strategy

Many people complement the broad based thinking Dan brings to this effort. He's an "artist" .  Can you become his benefactor and help make the ideas shared on these web sites more of a reality?

E-mail Bassill at "tutormentor2 at earthlink.net ".  Connect on Twitter@tutormentorteam or join the Tutor/Mentor Institute on Facebook.

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