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Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC - Dec 2020 - Issue 195

Wishing You Hope, Health and Happiness
As this year comes to an end we face an uncertain future due to the pandemic, political instability, climate change and a wide range of complex problems.

Our greatest strength is our ability to find solutions and help each other. Best wishes to all as we head into 2021.
Spend time browsing the ideas and resources I'm sharing and use them in 2021 to help youth tutor, mentor and learning programs reach k-12 youth in more places.

If you are a consistent reader please consider a contribution to help fund the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC
Mobilize your network. Draw support to every youth program in your city.

I've used maps for 27 years to draw attention and resources to every high poverty area of Chicago and to youth tutor/mentor programs in those areas. I encourage others to do the same.

Open this concept map and find links to my library of Chicago tutor and/or mentor programs, along with other libraries that anyone can use to find programs throughout the USA. Visit websites, learn what programs do, and then pick one, or more, to support with year-end and on-going donations.
Dig into tutor/mentor web library

The concept map at the right diagrams one set of links in the Tutor/Mentor library. Throughout the year I encourage you to point your volunteers and donors to this page and encourage them to learn more about where and why youth tutor/mentor programs are most needed, along with other challenges that need to be addressed to help reduce poverty and create greater opportunity for all in America.

Visit this blog article and find links to every section of the Tutor/Mentor library, plus to pdf essays, concept maps and more resources.

Below are resources to use to help youth in your community.

Recent blog articles from Tutor/Mentor:

* Duplicate Tutor/Mentor Connection - click here

* Creating a Service-Learning Organization - click here

* Roadmap for Solving Problems - click here

* Violence in Chicago. The Rest of the Story - click here

Other recommended pages:
* Strategy PDFs by Tutor/Mentor - click here
* Concept Map library - click here
* Mapping for Justice blog - click here
* 2021 National Mentoring Summit will be a remote conference this year. Click here for details.

* National Mentoring Resource Center - Covid-19 resources - click here

* MyChiMyFuture - City of Chicago - visit site and find activities for youth - click here

* Strengthening Chicago Youth web site, click here; blog - click here

* Chicago Mentoring Collaborative - click here

*Chicago Youth Serving Organizations in Intermediary Roles-click here
Please help update this cMap and the links in the Tutor/Mentor web library. Just email me with additions or changes.
Help me help youth tutor/mentor programs.

Since 2011 I've supported Tutor/Mentor Connection via the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC, which is not a 501-c-3. It's also not broadly funded. I've covered expenses through my own savings and the help of a few who make annual donations to me either via my December 19 birthday campaign, or my year-end fund me campaign. Below are links to each page. Please help if you can.

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Thank you for reading and sharing the ideas in this newsletter.

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