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August 2019 Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC eNews
August 2019 - Issue 181

Build Support for Youth Tutor and Mentor Programs as School Starts Again

The ideas shared in this monthly newsletter can be used by youth organization leaders, resource providers, political leaders, universities, volunteers and youth to help mentor-rich programs thrive in all of the neighborhoods where they are most needed.
Help Recruit Volunteers
This graphic was created for the Tutor/Mentor Connection by volunteers from the Junior League of Chicago....in the 1990s! It's still a powerful message. You don't need to be Superman to be volunteer, or to help attract volunteers to youth programs in your city. Visit this page on the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC web site and find tips for recruiting volunteers.

Use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc to draw attention to your program. If I see your posts I'll try to share them with others.
Resources for Volunteers, Youth
Every youth tutor and/or mentor program will be hosting training and orientation sessions during September. The best programs will be providing volunteer coaching, training and support throughout the year.

The Tutor/Mentor Connection started building a library of resources in the 1990s and shares that freely with anyone who visits our web library.

Here are sections to visit

* Homework help - click here
* Training resources - click here
* STEAM learning - click here
* Youth As Leaders - click here

View this video to see how to navigate the library.
How Can We Do This Better?
When we start thinking we can't get better we've already started down a path to doing less than we need to be doing.

While there are some really great youth programs in Chicago and other places, there are too few of them and they reach too few kids.

Below are links to articles where I use this graphic. These and other articles on the Tutor/Mentor blog are intended to stimulate conversations in many sectors.

*Building communities - click here
* Increasing talent - click here
Influencing What Leaders Do
Every time YOU or someone else says "be a volunteer" or "be a donor" you need to point to on-line directories listing places where people can volunteer. You also need to point to places where people can find information showing where help is most needed and ways to make a difference.

The Connection/Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC web sites provide these resources.

Visit this page to see roles leaders can take to help programs grow in many places.
In the sections below are links that I point to often, and that I've added recently.
* Resources to find Chicago Tutor and/or Mentor Programs -click here

* Resources for fund raising -click here

* Blog article showing links to sections of Tutor/Mentor web library -click here

* Chicago Organizations in Intermediary Roles-click here

* Civic Engagement - resource map (recommend other links). -click here

* Hashtags I follow on Twitter. Use to expand your own network -click here
* Strengthening Chicago Youth web site,click here; blog -click here

* MENTOR Illinois, Annual Breakfast will be held in November. -click here

* To & Through Project web site -click here

* Incarceration Reform Digital Resource Center -click here

* City of Chicago, CPS, links -click here

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Keep this resource available to you and others. Click here
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Youth Development - Role of Leaders - click here

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Understanding Impact of Social Capital - click here

Library of Visual Essays on Tutor/Mentor site -click here
Recent additions to Tutor/Mentor Library

A story about network building (see graphic above). video - click here

"History of the Afterschool Movement in America" - video - click here

"How are Programs Building Students' Social Capital - key trends - click here

"Four Pathways to Greater Giving" - Bridgespan report - annotated - click here

"How to Challenge the White Walkers of NonProfit Life - article - click here

Browse the library to find many more links of value to you.
About this newsletter.
While I try to send this only once a month, I write blog articles weekly. Throughout the newsletter I post links to a few of the articles published in the past month or earlier.I encourage you to spend a little time each week reading these articles and following the links. Use the ideas and presentations in group discussions with other people who are concerned about the same issues.

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