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Understanding OHATS

OHATS TMC website was originally built in 2000 then rebuilt in 2007. The new version was used until 2015 when the site began to not work properly. It has been off line since 2018.   

The original version of OHATS is available on the Internet Archive.  You can not only read the description, but on the left, you can open links to one page that shows the data-entry form and the type of information we were collecting, and to another page that shows actions that had been documented.  This video reviews information in this 2002 PDF. See discussion of sections of OHATS on the T/MC Ning forum

Using this 2001 archive, and the descriptions of the news site that are in this section of this website, anyone could create their own version of a OHATS.

View the archived version of the 2007 OHATS.

T/MC OHATS history

This graphic illustrates the goal of the Tutor/Mentor Connection ( T/MC) and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC. We want to support the actions of people throughout the Chicago region who help inner city youth connect with adult volunteers who help them from birth to work. We started in 1993 with no money and seven volunteers. This report shows the growth of the Tutor/Mentor Connection since then.  These ideas were part of the Cabrini Connections tutor/mentor program from 1993-2011 while it was led by Dan Bassill, president of the T/MC and T/MC.

Building programs to support this strategy of long-term mentoring is much more difficult than just creating a visualization of the goal. Read about the Decade of Challenges that led to the split of Cabrini Connections and the Tutor/Mentor Connection in mid 2011: 2000-2010. Read blog articles showing what T/MC  has achieved and challenges we've faced. View PDF report of 2000-2010


Since late 2011 articles on the Stanford Social  Innovation Review have focused on "collective impact" or the result of organizations in a community working together to achieve a shared vision.  One of the key strategies of Collective Impact is the  use of shared measurement tools.  We've been doing this for much longer.

Since September 2000, the T/MC has been using OHATS (Organizational History and Accomplishments Tracking System) to document actions that lead to success in the organization's mission.  Visit this link to view a video showing how to use OHATS. NOTE: As of 10-23-15 OHATS site is not functioning due to MySQL error. Volunteers needed to fix problem.

OHATS is an Internet-based system for organizations to easily record and report important events, actions and lessons that take place during the day-to-day work to improve the conditions necessary for all youth to succeed. The T/MC uses the information from OHATS to quantify and summarize key accomplishments and lessons. More than seventeen-hundred accomplishments, lessons, and activities have been reported by T/MC staff between September 2000 and November 2013.

What is OHATS?

OHATS (Organizational History and Tracking System) is an organized and systematic way for a group, program or network of community organizations to record, observe, analyze and report contributions and key events that influence progress toward its mission and goals. For example, one can use OHATS to track accomplishments and results, organizational procedures, lessons and best practices, critical external events that influence the work, and service delivery details and statistics.  NOTE: As of 10-23-15 OHATS site is not functioning due to MySQL error. Volunteers needed to fix problem.

The idea behind OHATS is simple and proven throughout history: if a community group tracks actions, events, lessons and results important to their success then they can learn from them and be more successful.  View OHATs archive at this link. View 2001 version at this link.


Every time a recorder documents and action the pie chart in the Metric's pages changes.  Click the button below to visit the T/MC OHATS site and learn more about this system, and the actions of the Tutor/Mentor Connection.  If you would like to create an OHATS for your organization, or partner in developing this with the T/MC, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Visit the T/MC OHATS site

NOTE: As of 10-23-15 OHATS site is not functioning due to MySQL error. The site is now only available as an archive.

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