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Increasing Attention for Tutor/Mentor Programs

Below are 1994 to 2019 Chicago print media stories resulting from Tutor/Mentor Connection strategies (led by Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC since 2011). Not listed are stories about the Cabrini Connections program we also led during these year, nor the numerous radio and TV interviews. As you look at these imagine how many stories you could generate if you duplicated the Tutor/Mentor Connection in your own city.

In this 1995 Commentary in the Chicago Tribune, John McCarron said that Dan Bassill and the Tutor/Mentor Connection has a "master plan" for saving kids. All of the information on this and other T/MC web sites is part of that 'master plan'.  This 4-part strategy of the Tutor/Mentor Connection shows that the T/MC collects information that is hosted on this site and works to increasing the number of stories in print, electronic, internet, business and faith communities that point to where tutor/mentor programs are needed, why they are needed and organizations already operating that need a constant flow of operating dollars, technical support and volunteers to grow from "good to great".  In addition to these media stories look at the number of times T/MC staff have written about other Tutor/Mentor programs in Chicago in blog articles - see pdf.


This article printed in the Chicago Tribune in December 1994 outlines the Public Awareness strategy that the T/MC has been leading every year since then.

Below is a list of stories that support this strategy. Click the link to open a PDF and read the story. The ideas shared in these stories are just as relevant today as in the past and the challenges of poverty are even more severe. 


This is article from the ChicagoTribune October 21, 2015 paper showing how maps could be used in violence prevention strategies. See text from Internet version of this story.

The most recent stories are at bottom of this list. See more interviews here. Awards here.

See more than 180 media stories creates since 1993. View in Google Drive archive - click here



Date Newspaper/Company Headline of article or Interview
Chicago Tribune Mentors join forces to reach city's youth
Shedd Aquarium magazine Aquarium hosts Tutor/Mentor Leadership Conference
Chicago Tribune Mentors Getting Their Act Together
Chicago Sun-Times He Traded Wards' Job for Tutoring
Chicago Tribune For Charities, public relations picks up where goodwill leaves off
1994/95 The Chicago Bar Foundation Report Lend A Hand Program: Lost opportunities in the non-school hours
PCI Newsletter
Inner city children linked to tutors and mentors
Spring 1995
CBA News
Lawyers Lend A Hand
Chicago Tribune There is a master plan for saving our kids
5/16/1995 Chicago Defender Tutor/Mentor Confab trains 200 groups
10/29/1995 Chicago Tribune Letter to Editor - Tutoring Works
Chicago Tribune
Letter to Editor following death of Carlos Chambers
Daily Southtown Role Models: Mentor programs have quietly grown into a force for turning young lives around
CBA Record
CBA Lawyers Mentor City's Youth
The Daily Chronicle, DeKalb Sycamore native's program tries to bust stereotypes
Chicago Tribune How to make yourself feel like royalty
8/21/1996 INSIDE (Near North Chicago)
Volunteers Connect with Youth Through Tutoring Program
Chicago Sun-Times Commentary: Give a kid the greatest gift: ability to read
Chicago Sun-Times Volunteers get as much out of tutoring as kids
Chicago Tribune Tutors need assistance too
Chicago Educator Mentor Puts Afterburners in After-School Programs
Chicago Sun-Times
Pitching In Is Catching On - Dan Bassill quoted in article
June 1997
Continental Air Express News
Tutors and Mentors Needed Throughout Chicago
The Giraffe Project Honor Role - Dan Bassill named a Giraffe
Chicago SunTimes Call goes out for volunteers
Blau Exchange Interview with Dan Bassill, 1992 founder of Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection.
9/3/1997 Chicago Tribune Voice of People: Tutor/Mentor Programs Need You
1/12/1998 Crain's Chicago Business A 'trade group' that distributes knowledge to kids
2/19/1998 Southwest News-Herald Discuss Mentoring Programs for Youths - this article shows how a person coached by Tutor/Mentor incorporates the T/MC idea of "Total Quality Mentoring" into the news article
4/1/1998 Chicago Defender The People Speak: Welfare to Work Can Work
4/30/1998 Chicago Tribune & SunTimes Letter to the Editor in both papers. Tribune - Village Maps; SunTimes - Under Construction
5/21/1998 Chronicle of Philanthropy Opinion: General Powell Needs a Battle Map to Fulfill America's Promise
Chicago Tribune
Tutor works for "Connection"
Oct-98 School-to-Work Reporter Mentor projects seek stronger role in STW
4/12/1999 Chicago Sun-Times Letter to Editor: Business Leaders Can Help Students
6/7/1999 Direct Marketing News CD-ROM Drop May Bring More Cash to the Neighborhood
6/11/1999 Interactive PR & Marketing News A Contribution from the Heart, Not the Wallet
7/1/1999 Daily Herald This is where the kids are
Community IT/GIS Helping the Kids
Illinois Kids Count Report
Communities at Work: Tutor/Mentor Connection (see pg 3)
6/23/2001 Ecumenical Child Care Network "Get wisdom! Get understanding,…" Proverbs 4: Verse 5
9/7/2001 Chicago Tribune Small lessons are reward of mentoring
3/2002 Directions Magazine
Mapping Solutions to Poverty
9/12/2002 Chicago Sun-Times Calling all volunteers: Tutors for kids needed
Jun-03 AARP Connections Guest Article: Lives Can Be Changed
9/2000 Mentoring Coalition of Dade Cty (FL) The Chicago Plan for Mentoring Program Support
9/4/2003 Chicago Sun-Times Tutor-Mentor Programs need you to step up
11/6/2003 Lerner Skyline Cabrini Connections President prepared to turn loan into gift
1/31/2004 Chicago Defender
Organization Connects Youth Mentors
April 2004
IWU Magazine
Dan Bassill's Work Helping Inner City Youth is Recognized
The Institute for Social Inventions, Global Ideas Bank
Social Innovation Award Nomination - for mapping idea
1/10/2005 CBA Report Lend-A-Hand Program Awards /$28k. Cabrini Connections Demetrio
8/25/2005 Lerner Skyline Hey, anybody out there have some free time on their hands?
8/31/2005 Streetwise Tutors can set tone for school
Sep-05 Families & Schools, ADI newsletter Tutoring/Mentoring: A Service-Learning Strategy that Changes Lives
Advertising demonstrates strategy for building awareness
Project YES newsletter
Dan Bassill: Bridging Tutor-Mentor Gap
Networking & Resources: Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection
2/6/2008 Chicago Sun-Times Still Want to Make a Difference? Here are 5 Ways
Jun-09 YOUTH Today HOW TO…create maps to help kids and Youth Workers
Streetwise Popular Chicago Tutor & Mentor Conference Set for November 4
Streetwise Tutoring/Mentoring Needs Corporate Help
Crain's Chicago Business
Mobilizing Village (or big city) to help kids - letter to editor
10/15/15 Chicago Tribune Interactive Maps Could Combat Chicago Violence - Dawn Turner
12/14/16 The Atlantic Mentoring's Promise and Limits - by Larry Gordon
Terry Elliott video

Terry's video provides a tour through on of Dan Bassill's concept maps

YouTube Video

Interview with Dan Bassill, founder of Tutor/Mentor Connection, with 
Anthony Brogdon, Detroit

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Interview with Dan Bassill, founder of Tutor/Mentor Connection, with
Aliyu B Solomon, from Nigeria

Internet between 2000 and 2022
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