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Library - Justice, Inequality, poverty

Why are volunteer-based tutor and/or mentor programs needed? Where are they most needed? What more do volunteers need to do to help kids and families in high poverty areas?





This section of the library has six sub-sections where
the T/MC and T/MI have been aggregating links to
articles and research showing the history and impact
of segregation, racism, concentrated poverty, wealth
inequality, and related issues..

This concept map is a visual guide to each section.


Open the links to find a list of websites
under each category.  If you find broken
links, please send a notice to 
tutormentor2 at earthlink.net.





Equal Justice, Juvenile Justice, Poverty Law - click here

Poverty and Crime Mapping - click here

Poverty, Race, Inequality - click here

Prevention Resources - click here

Housing & Community Development - click here

Violence Against Women & Girls - click here

Street Gangs - click here

Rural Issues - click here


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