Strategy Presentations - 2013-14

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Below are additional visualizations  created by interns to illustrate ideas originally posted in Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC blog articles.  Browse past articles on the Intern blog to see meet some of the interns.  View the intern workspace on the Tutor/Mentor Connection forum.

Join this project. Students and volunteers from many places can be creating interpretations of these ideas and sharing them with people in their own communities. Email tutormentor2 at to learn more.

NOTE: some of the projects below are created using When viewing the presentation click in the lower right corner of the image area and you can create a 'full screen' view.

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Introduction of work done by other interns in past years.










This graphic is from an video posted on  YouTube, done by Kyungryul Kim, a 2013 IIT Intern. It's goal is to give attention to projects done by past interns.
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Introduction of past interns, using Prezi.
Project by
Byeonghui Kim, completed in June. 2013.  click here

Video encouraging people to use Tutor/Mentor Connection resources to "make a difference", by Kyungryul Kim, 2013 intern

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If we want more youth to succeed in school, what are actions needed to support youth tutor/mentor programs in more places? Introduction of Tutor/Mentor Strategy by Byeonghui Kim, using Prezi, 2013

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Planning Strategy for War on Poverty, video by Kyungryul Kim, 2013 intern

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If we want high quality tutor/mentor programs in more places, what are strtegies that will lead to this? Four-Part Strategy - 2013 presentation by Byeonghui kim, using Prezi

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This is different version of the "problem solving" strategy seen above.

Power of Small Change - Video, by Sunjoong Yoo, 2014 intern. Click here to view.












This video was created by SUNJOONG YOO, and IIT intern from South Korea working with the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC during 2014. It enplanes ideas in this blog article.


This Prezi visualization, by Sunjoong Yoo, 2014 intern, introuduces work done by past interns - click here to view

This is one of four shot PSA videos created by Sunjoong Yoo in 2014 to call attention to essays posted on

See all four here


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