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Conferences, Networking, On-line Forums

Within the Resource Library on this web site there are more than 2000 links. Each of these has links to many other sites. This is a worldwide network of people and organizations with common interests.  From 1994 to 2015 we used May and November Chicago Conferences, and a variety of on-line forums, to build connections between these different groups, and to create public awareness that draws more viewers to each web site, and draws volunteers and donors to  youth serving organizations in Chicago and in other cities. Since 2015 social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, have served this purpose.

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As part of this process, we have connected with mentoring networks in other countries, and other parts of the USA. Here you can review comments prepared for Learning Mentors Conference held in England, in June 2007.

As part of this strategy we maintain an archive of past conference workshops and speakers. In this report you can see a map of participants from throughout the USA.

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