Nov. 2014 Agenda

Agenda for November 7, 2014. Thank you to all who participated.

All speakers are volunteers who share their time and expertise to help volunteer-based tutoring, mentoring programs grow throughout the Chicago region. Workshop topics and speakers are subject to change without notice.

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Registration and Continental Breakfast
Plan to arrive with enough time to pass through security screening. Bring a valid photo ID with you.



Daniel F. Bassill, Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC

John Hosteny, Director of the Corporation for National and Community Service's Illinois Office.

Networking IceBreaker - Jordan Hesterman, Founder/Executive Director, Becoming We The People


9:30am-10:40 am Workshops

Stopping The Violence: The Embodiment of Core Values and Key Components that Must be Employed and Embraced, presented by Bishop Steve Braxton, Founder, Marketplace Ministries, Inc, Freelance Writer, Author, Life Coach. See blog.

This workshop will be an interactive dialogue and discussion concerning 'Key Components' to help elevate, diminish and/or curtail crime, violence, drugs and gang activity among young people in communities across the city of Chicago, particularly, North Lawndale. Outcome: To gather a cadre of like-minded people to form a collaborative group to be a consistent voice to allay fears and make the community a better place that's closely akin to a 'Safe Haven' to live, work and play.

If I Build It, Will They Come? How to Develop Youth Programs That Are Relevant and Impactful, Presented by Valerie F. Leonard, Expert in Community and Organizational Development. Web site.

Presentation handout pdf

Whether you are developing a youth program concept, or are in the throes of running a youth program, this workshop has something for you.  You will learn how to develop or improve existing programs so they are consistent with your mission and strategic plan, yet, responsive to client needs. This workshop covers a list of knowledge organizations need to master including building a team, developing a strategy and fundraising plan, conducting evaluation, developing budgets and more.

Turning Middle School Students into Leaders, Presented by Mallory DePrekel, Manager, Middle School Programs, McGaw YMCA  Project SOAR

This workshop is intended to serve the program leaders and managers as well as the mentors who know the kids skills. Leaders will learn how to turn a child's strength into leadership potential and keep them encouraged to be a part of programming in the future. We will also discuss how to use community partners, organizations, fundraisers, etc. to our advantage and how the kids can not only help but be an integral part of these relationships

Evangelizing the Cause- Communications for Effective Fundraising, Presented by Daniel Cotter, Chair, Lawyers Lend a Hand to Youth Program

This session is for board members, executive directors and volunteers. We will discuss use of social media, email and other media to obtain support for your organization's mission. This blog article illustrates how Dan put these ideas to action in 2014 while raising more than $70,000 to help fund tutor/mentor programs in Chicago.

10:45am-12:00 noon Workshops

Special Education and Restorative Justice, Presented by Jeffrey Fields, Changing Children's Worlds Foundation Participants will be actively engaged in the plight of special needs children. Jeffery will cover four area:

1. High number of special needs youth in jail/prison. BUT WHY?

2. Restorative Justice

3. Special needs students as assets or liabilities?

4. Mentoring a special needs youth.

Creating a Mobile and Social Media Strategy for Fundraising, Presented by E. Wilson, Founder, Tutoring for Excellence

Presentation PDF

In this session, we will discuss how to use social media and mobile apps to fundraise. Participants will learn the following:

1. Adding tools to your website to increase donations

2. Building an email communication list for future fundraising campaigns

3. Creating promotional online media for fundraising campaigns

4. Which mobile fundraising apps to use

5. How to promote your fundraising campaign on Twitter and Facebook

Promoting Public Health Through Service-Learning, Presented by Marvin Scott, Coordinator, Community Kinections Program, University of Maryland

Presentation handout pdf

The purpose of this workshop is to illustrate how students who engage in service-learning activities can meet a public health need of a local community while gaining leadership and mentoring experiences. It is intended to serve students, teachers, and members of the local community who would be interested in engaging in collaborative efforts to meet a community's public health need. It is expected that attendees of this workshop would be able to attain fulfillment of the following objectives:
1.      Understand how service-learning collaboration can provide meaningful mentoring and leadership opportunities.

2.      Understand the characteristics of the different forms of experiential learning.

3.      Gain insights into the benefits of service-learning for both students and the community.

4 Steps 2 College, Presented by JP Paulus - Do-Gooder Consulting

View workshop presentation (pdf)

The path to college is confusing, with messages from multiple sources, many unreliable or exploitative. This seminar will clarify the path to college, and provide a clear outline so that youth workers can focus on their specialties & calling, while still accurately helping youth through the college-going process. The intended audience are mentors & supervisors of mentors to help them get a clear vision of the college-going process and how to plan activities at appropriate times.

Helping to Make Good Programs Even Better - Using The Elements of Effective Practice in Mentoring Programs Checklist, presented by Cheryl Howard-Neal, Illinois Mentoring Partnership

Workshop presentation pdf

Mentoring can be extremely rewarding for the youth and mentors in our programs, but it can also be hard work for the staff that manage the program.  Learn about mentoring best practices and find out how you can strengthen your program using evidence based approaches.

After this session, participants will be able to:

1  Understand the six key elements in creating and running a mentoring program
2  Look at their programs and get ideas for ways to strengthen or change program delivery
3  Meet the Illinois Mentoring Partnership and hear about ways we can help programs

12:00pm -1:20pm

Box Lunch & Networking -

12:50pm - 1:15pm - Keynote

Understanding childhood trauma and learning development; helping volunteers understand and respond empathically. Presented by Archana Lal-Tabak M. D, Holistic Physician, Heart of Transformation Wellness Institute

This article, titled, "In Chicago's war zones, the tragedy extends beyond the kids who die," from the Chicago Reader, emphasizes the stress and trauma of youth and families living in urban poverty. Volunteers need to be trained to understand these issues.

1:30pm-2:30pm Workshops

Educate HER -- Hosting Empowerment Revolutions, Presented by Dr. Christina Kirk, Dean/Director, Prep University, Oklahoma City, OK

Educate HER is a workshop for leaders, mentors, volunteers, directors, and anyone who works with youth encouraging them to seek higher education. Participants will learn to: (1)organize and plan an effective and well attended empowerment session; (2) market and reach a maximum amount of target attendees for empowerment sessions; (3) motivate and encourage teens to succeed in academics; and (4) plan and manage information education curriculum sessions that attendees are eager to participate in and leave wanting more.

Erin's Law: Responding to Disclosures, Presented by Melanie Foote Davis & Alexandra Kumin, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

The Erin's Law Training covers information regarding the newly implemented state law, and is designed for education personnel, clergy, medical professionals, and anyone else working with youth. It includes child sexual abuse facts and state laws, mandated reporting, how to handle a disclosure of sexual abuse, and role plays to practice handling disclosures.

Educators, mentors, clergy, parents and other professionals will walk learn:

*     How to handle disclosures

*     How to recognize signs of Child Sexual Abuse

*     How to create an environment that feels safe and empowering

*     Resources to support sexual assault survivors and families

Reaching, Recruiting and Engaging At-Risk  Youth/Volunteers, Presented by Tyrina Newkirk, Recruiter, and Valencia Carter,  Boys Hope Girls Hope

The Outreach, Recruitment, and Engagement workshop will provide useful tips on how to develop an outreach plan, ways to engage the target audience, and personalizing the recruitment process.   The workshop will also highlight some of the recruitment and outreach best practices in an effort to reduce challenges and increase success for potential students as well as volunteers. This workshop is intended to serve anyone who is looking to explore new ways to strengthen their recruitment efforts for either students or volunteers.

Sing Your Own Blues Tune, Presented by Bonni McKeown, Teacher, Chicago School of Blues

This "Sing Your Own Blues" workshop will help tutors and mentors put themselves in their students' shoes. The blues "happy, sad, or funny" is, to quote the late blues master Willie Dixon, "about the facts of life." Youngsters as young as 7 can  compose and sing a simple three line blues verse--happy, sad or funny:  "The dog ate my homework, please have mercy on me."  By learning this time-tested, culturally rooted way of self expression,  tutors and mentors can help both teachers and students creatively channel their own experiences and feelings into a structured art form and share it with the community. By  releasing emotional pressures, everyone can be more open to the discipline of learning. Blues helps us realize that others share the same feelings and sometimes the same situations. "It's a step towards less isolation and more civility" the human skills that will help students cope with a changing world.

Funders are From Mars and Community Organizers are from Venus, Presented by Darryl E. Allen, Managing Partner, Mentorship Institute, Inc, Kettering, Ohio and Cliff Wright, Jr., a Certified School Development Educator and a staff consultant for Commonweal Foundation in Washington, DC

Every community program needs more volunteers and more funding - or so it seems.  This workshop delivers practical tools that assist tutoring/mentoring programs with solving these two issues.  Speaking the language of Funders requires Community Organizers to become "bi-lingual".  Come learn the language of the Funders.

2:35pm-3:45pm Workshops

Dealing with Trauma Issues within Tutor/Mentor and Youth Serving Organizations.  Marilyn Danos, Chicago area mentor health professional.
This workshop will be a follow up to the noon keynote presentation. Marilyn will lead a discussion of resources available for programs to use in training volunteers to better understand and respond to issues of trauma facing the youth they work with.

Mentoring Myths and Realities: Creating Pivotal Mentoring Opportunities, Presented by Mark Carter, Founder One80 See blog.

Creating a mentoring program can be a daunting task.  Not just because of the time needed,  but deciding HOW to build it.  We'll move past myths (1 on 1 matchmaking is the best) and learn how you can create organic, successful mentoring opportunities for people in your organization.

This session will be an active discussion; NOT a lecture.  You're going to learn more than 10 mile high theories about mentoring. We'll be using Idea Climbing to help you learn how to 1) be a mentor, 2) be mentored and 3) how to create successful mentoring programs with measurable results (yes, you'll learn how to create metrics rather than unfocused conversations).

Since this session is in the final time slot of a full day of workshops, bring the ideas from previous workshops and take all of this information back to your organization and involve others in planning, organizing and developing strong youth tutor/mentor organizations.

Impact of HIV and AIDS Among Teens and Seniors in the Community, Presented by Mitchell Sholar, President of City Harvest Headstart Harvest Mihnistry,

The high rates of HIV and AIDS point to the overwhelming healthcare, economic and educational systems. This threat to the survival and well-being of our community teens and seniors is a social protection problem. HIV is impacting our community and it is our responsibility to speak out and fight the ignorance and neglect that make people vulnerable to HIV infection. We invite you to join us in educating individuals, families, business leaders, and faith based organizations to ensure we all have access to the information, insurance, prevention, care, and treatment that we need to preserve their lives and futures.

Illinois Campus Compact VISTAs: Connecting Colleges to Civic Engagement & Community Service, Presented by Toni Ellison, MA, Inner-City Studies, AmeriCorps VISTA, Illinois Campus Compact

Illinois Campus Compact is a coalition of colleges and universities working together to promote effective civic engagement and service-learning practices in higher education. The primary approach these directives are carried out through its partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service, AmeriCorps VISTA program. VISTAs are national service volunteers that are placed at our member schools to support our initiatives. Those initiatives include working with veteran students – connecting military service to community service. Also, working with First Generation and Low Income/High Risk college students to encourage them towards college success by providing resources for advancement in school and life and developing community partnerships. Several of the programs provide tutor/mentor services.

Join in Happy Hour after the conference, at
Cavanaugh's, located in the historic Monadnock Building at 53 W. Jackson Blvd. Free food. Cash bar. 4:15 go 6pm.

Before, During and After the Conference: Connect with peers in on-line space
Participants are encouraged to think of the spring and fall tutor/mentor conference as a meeting place where they can bring a group who is interested in creating more tutor/mentor programs in a specific region or in a specific focus area (such as health careers, technology, arts, etc.).  We encourage you to join on-line forums and help plan the conference and other T/MC actions. If you would like to organize a single workshop, or a conference within the conference, please contact us online or connect with Dan Bassill on Skype at "dbassill".

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