May 2005 speakers


to be held at the Northwestern University Law School in Chicago on May 12 and 13, 2005.  
The conference will be co-sponsored by the Children & Family Justice Center. We hope that many of you will participate.

This is a list of people who will do workshops at the May 2005 Conference.   All are volunteers!  We thank them for sharing their time and talent.   Workshops and presenters are subject to change without notice.  If you would like to do a workshop at this or future conferences, email the T/MC at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   

Ann Adalist-Estrin, Federal Resource Center for Children of Prisoners, Child Welfare League of America, Inc.
Thursday, May 12
Ann Adalist-Estrin is a child and family therapist with Bridges in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania and a widely sought after consultant on working with families and children of offenders. She an Affiliated Consultant with both the Federal Resource Center for Children of Prisoners and the Family and Corrections Network and a member of the national training team of Healthy Steps for Children a national initiative focusing pediatric health care providers on the parent and family influences on child growth and development. Learn more about the Child Welfare League of America, Inc. - 

Daniel F. Bassill, Tutor/Mentor Connection
Friday, May 13
Dr. Daniel F. Bassill is President of Cabrini Connections and the Tutor/Mentor Connection, organizer of the Leadership Conference series.  He is also a Commissioner on the Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service.  Dr. Bassill. has spent more than 30 years, mostly as a volunteer, reaching out to children and youth living in Chicago's Cabrini-Green neighborhood. Bassill first became a tutor in 1973, then became the volunteer leader of the Montgomery Ward/Cabrini Green Tutoring program in 1975. More than 3,500 volunteers and 3,300 children have participated in programs Bassill has led.  Some volunteers have participated for more than 10 consecutive years and some students from first grade through high school.  With six other volunteers, Bassill  formed Cabrini Connections in 1992.  Learn more. Visit the About Cabrini Connections section of and read "The Tutor/Mentor Business" by Sara Caldwell.  Contact Dan at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Kenneth Black, AIMS Mentoring, Friday, May 13
Ken Black is on the staff of Trinity Lutheran Church in Roselle, Illinois.  He is partially retired and now serves as the Senior Adult Coordinator at the church.  Four years ago, it became apparent that older adults needed opportunities to make a difference in the community with activities that give them a sense of worth. We currently have thirty-five senior adults who serve as mentors as well as many others.  The range of ages for mentors is from a recent high school graduate to age eighty. This community based mentor program began three years ago. Currently, there are eighty-five mentors serving in nine feeder schools to Lake Park High School in Roselle, IL.  Materials have been shared with educators in fifteen states.

Rev. Lorraine Bogan, Thursday, May 12
Dr. Lorraine Bogan began her ministry in 1978 implementing and directing a youth outreach ministry at Chatham Fields Lutheran Church. In the fall of 1992, The SAFE – SPORTS AFFECTING FUTURE EDUCATION – Haven was formed. Lorraine began to work in the “trenches” through sports, tutoring, mentoring, and counseling specifically for young people who display disruptive behaviors and or participated in gangs and selling of illegal drugs. Lorraine has endured many life threaten events, including eluding shootings from rebel gangs, single handling breaking up gang fights, rescuing youth and parents from stabbings and other domestic and community violence. For the past 25 years, Lorraine has personally worked and mentored over 500 “at-risk” children and youth.  Lorraine was featured on Channel 7 Harry Porterfield's “Someone You Should Know” Lorraine qualifications include a doctorate in practical counseling, certifications in conflict resolution, bereavement-counseling specialist, and a license Christian minister.

Gail Brodkey, LCSW, Children's Memorial Hospital
Thursday, May 12

Gail Brodkey is a licensed clinical social worker and coordinator for the Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Chicago at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Gail also works as a Protective Service Team social worker and Child Life person in the Emergency room at Children’s Memorial hospital. Gail is also a part of Chicago Youth Programs where she is the social worker for the Cabrini Green Health Care Clinic. Prior to becoming part of Children's Memorial Hospital Social work team 4 years ago, Gail worked as a pediatric and an adult social worker for a community hospital in Chicago. During Gail’s 4 years at the community hospital, she worked extensively with Hospice Care patients. Gail has developed expertise and skills in the areas of child abuse/neglect, crisis intervention, and counseling. Gail received her Masters in Social work from Loyola University Chicago, School of Social Work in 1996. She also has a Bachelors of Liberal Arts degree from Bradley University in Peoria Illinois. Gail is originally from Omaha, Nebraska, thus has no choice but to love college football.

Ian Bryan, President, The Sensible City, 
Thursday, May 12

Ian Bryan is the President of The Sensible City, a joint for-profit/non-profit venture that inspires and motivates good business
through community empowerment. Bryan speaks on the "being rather than doing" of business leadership through corporate social responsibility and is best known for his role in the creation of what is now commonly referred to as Community-Oriented Marketing. A former nonprofit development consultant and the author of 2 books on these subjects, he founded The Sensible City in 2001 with the charge of teaching businesses how to make social responsibility profitable. Website:
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mary Charles, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago GEAR UP Alliance, Apple Distinguished Educator, 2003, 
Thursday, May 12
Mary Charles is a grant director in Loyola University Chicago’s School of Education where she has team taught a number of mathematics classes with Dr. Diane Schiller. Mrs. Charles is an Apple Distinguished Educator whose expertise is the practical implementation of computer technology into content areas.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Clarke, President, Juvenile Justice Initiative,
Thursday, May 12

Ms. Clarke is President of the Juvenile Justice Initiative, a statewide advocacy organization to promote rational and effective juvenile justice policies in Illinois.    The privately funded Juvenile Justice Initiative began in 2000 with a mission  to transform the juvenile justice system in Illinois by reducing reliance on confinement, enhancing fairness for all youth, and developing an adequate range of community-based resources throughout the state.   Ms. Clarke's past positions have been a) Juvenile Justice Counsel, Office of the Cook County Public Defender (six years) where she was  advisor to Public Defender about  legislative and policy issues in the juvenile justice and child welfare fields; and b) Office of the State Appellate Defender (1977-1992) where she served as Legislative Liaison and as Juvenile Justice Coordinator, in addition to appellate practice as an Assistant Defender. She is Immediate past chair of the Juvenile Justice Committee of the Illinois State Bar Association, current co-chair of the Midwest Juvenile Defender Center, and past chair of the Midwest Coalition of Juvenile Justice.   Contact Betsy at 47/864-1567;  847/570-0749 (fax);  847/894-4206 (cell) or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Visit the web site at

Paul Collins, Jordan-Webb, Inc. , Thursday, May 12Friday, May 13 
Mr. Collins became an independent consultant in1981, forming his firm Jordan-Webb.  Since 1989 Paul has provided high performance facilitation to clients while using new techniques and technologies that support collaborative problem solving and decision making.  Since 2003, these collaborative technologies and techniques have migrated from the meeting room to the world-wide-web.  Today, Paul helps clients move into the 21st century by hosting and facilitating distributed and virtual meetings, focus groups and surveys, by helping clients deploy web-based collaborative strategies within their organizations and by providing free weekly webinars on internet collaboration.  Paul's facilitation style is described as empowering and leading without directing, and making workshops highly productive and fun.  Paul is active in several professional organizations, including the Midwest Facilitators' Network (co-founder, director, webmaster), Midwest Society of Professional Consultants, International Association of Public Practitioners, National Black MBA Association and International Association of Facilitators.  Paul is a member of the Board of Advisors for Loyola University's Center for Information Management and Technology and has lectured for Loyola, the University of Chicago, De Paul University and the University of Wisconsin.  Paul's hobbies include ethnic folk dance, traditional square and contra dance, folk festival production, web design, hiking, learning foreign languages and public speaking.  Paul is a certified Forté Communications System Facilitator.

Paul's client experience has included: National Aeronautic and Space Administration, GATX Corporation, McDonald's Corporation, Motorola, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, BP Amoco Corporation, U S Cellular Corporation, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Commonwealth Edison, Loyola University, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Pace Suburban Bus Service, Girl Scouts Promise Group and American Traffic Safety Services Association.

Paul's speaking engagements have included: UCGSB Roundtable, American Society for Quality, American Society of Metallurgists, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters International, Tutor/Mentor Leadership Conference, Midwest Facilitators' Network, Midwest Society of Professional Consultants, International Association of Public Practitioners, Finance Leaders Association, International Association of Facilitators and Collaboration 2003.

Paul's web site contains links to many presentations presented by himself and by others who participate in quarterly meetings of the Midwest Facilitator's Network in Chicago. This is a valuable on-line resource. 

Anne Cox, Curriculum Director for System Concepts Inc.  
Thursday, May 12

Ann Cox has worked in the K-12 environment instructing students and teachers in the use of multiple computer platforms along with development and implementation of curriculum. Anne is certified as a trainer on the Promethean ACTIVboard, which will be demonstrated at this event. She believes that the technology being presented is the best available for certifications include-Mac OS Help Desk Essentials and Mac OS X Fundamentals.

Lara Dieckmann, Cabrini Connections, 
Friday, May 13
Lara Dieckmann is currently the program coordinator and fundraising specialist for Cabrini Connections. Previously, she worked in development at two local non-profit organizations: Beyondmedia Education and About Face Theatre. Ms. Dieckmann received her doctorate in performance and cultural studies from Northwestern University and was on the faculty of the film, theatre and communications department at California State University at Los Angeles. She also taught courses in Creative Writing for the Media at Northwestern and Community Organizing at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Lara works at Cabrini Connections with the Art and Video club; she herself is an amateur artist and crafter. Her favorite pasttime is creating handmade cards for friends, family and fundraisers.

Dr. Joseph DiCara, M.D., M.P.H., Volunteer Executive Director, Chicago Youth 
Friday, May 13
Dr. DiCara founded the Chicago Youth programs in 1984 and has continued ever since as a full time volunteer, creating, designing, and implementing many of the current programs. He is a pediatrician with extensive service in public health and intervention with high-risk children. He graduated Northwestern University Medical School and received his training in Pediatrics at Children's Memorial Hospital. He earned a Master's of Public Health in Maternal Child Health at the University of Illinois Chicago. Dr. Joe received a prestigious LUCE Fellowship in 1989, which he utilized to start seven community-based projects in Asian slums. Dr. DiCara is currently on staff at Children's Memorial Hospital and Prentice Women's Hospital where he cares for ill newborns in the Special Care Nursery. In 1998, Dr. DiCara was named one of ten national Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leaders. In recent years, he received the University of Notre Dame's Reynolds Award for Improving the Lives of Youth, Martin Luther King Award, CIBA Community Service Award, and shared the John Cook Award (Chicago Pediatric Society) with Dr. Karen Sheehan. Dr. DiCara was recently recognized with the Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Mark Duhon, Executive Director, Highsight.   Thursday, May 12Friday, May 13 
A native of Akron, Ohio, Mr. Duhon graduated in 1988 from Ohio State University. He lived in New York City and worked in a soup kitchen before moving to Chicago to work for the University of Chicago. He began volunteering as a second grade tutor at St. Joseph's Elementary School and became chairman of its school board. In the spring of 1992, armed with a lot of heart and a few loft ideas about providing access to educational opportunities for the children of St. Joseph's and Chicago's inner-city, Mr. Duhon helped found HighSight.

Jan Fitzsimmons, North Central College Jr./Sr. Scholars Program
Friday, May 13
Ms. Fitzsimmons is the program administrator for the North Central College Jr./Sr. Scholars Program, a college instructor and the curriculum coordinator for the ACI Bridge to College Readiness Program and the Urban Education Initiative. Email Jan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Alyssa Gendron, Program Coordinator of Alumni Services, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, San Francisco, CA
Friday, May 13
Ms. Gendron took over the HSF Alumni Mentor Program in  its nascence and has since grown it into a program with an evaluation process, relationship tracking mechanism, substantial program curriculum and local partnerships. She is a graduate of the University of Washington and joined HSF in the Winter of 2003. Alyssa is committed to the concept of mentoring in her own life and encourages others to do the same, either in a formal program or informally with family and friends.  Learn more at Email Alyssa at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Gary Goldman, President, International Quality Leadership Institute
Friday, May 13
Mr. Goldman is a nationally recognized leader in education reform and youth empowerment, and he is the author of the book "Empowering Students to Transform Schools". As President and Founder of the non-profit International Quality Leadership Institute. Mr. Goldman has taken his message of harnessing the power of a generation of young people across the country. Mr. Goldman is currently involved in several city-wide youth/adult initiatives in Indian and Ohio and with empowering disabled students in workforce development in Chicago. He is also working on a national youth empowerment movement and youth/community development. Mr. Goldman has been featured in the media including CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN and hosted his own weekly Chicago radio show, Champions of our Children.

Dr. Edward E. Gordon, Imperial Consulting Corp., Friday, May 13
Dr. Gordon is author of Tutor Quest and Peer Tutoring: A Teacher's Resource Guide and many other books and articles. 
He has conducted tutoring research and practice for over 30 years. While teaching in Early Childhood Education at DePaul University, Chicago, Dr. Gordon developed a field-based mastery-learning, diagnostic-development tutoring program used with over 10,000 children. Later while teaching in Adult Education/Workplace Literacy at Loyola University, Chicago, he expanded the tutoring model for use by 20,000 adults.  In 1982 the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) accredited this tutoring program. As a result Dr. Gordon has provided faculty in-service programs on teacher conducted tutoring and student peer tutoring to schools across the United States. 

John M. Hagedorn, Gang History Project, University of Illinois at Chicago -
Friday, May 13

Erica L. Harris, Program Manager, Supplemental Education Services, Chicago Public Schools 
Friday, May 13

Erica L. Harris was hired at Program Manager for Supplemental Educational Services for the Chicago Public Schools in June 2004.  In this role, she manages the relationships between private providers and the district, and works directly with school administrators, teachers and families to ensure that CPS students receive the quality after school programming they deserve.  As a former public school teacher in Washington, DC, Eridca is familiar with the challenges and frustrations that SES raises for schools, parents, and communities. In 2001, Erica earned a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.  She also has a Bachelor's in Political Science from Spelman College. Visit the CPS After School Web Site at

Bobbie Huskey, Commissioner, Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission
Thursday, May 13
Bobbie Huskey was recently appointed for a third term as Commissioner for the Juvenile Justice Commission and is a past president of the American Correctional Association. She was honored by the ACA with the E.R. Cass Award for Outstanding Achievement. Her private firm, Huskey & Associates, has led needs assessments, program evaluations, and facility planning
studies in more than half the states in the United States.

Stacy Jackson, Director, Partners in Education Tutoring and Scholarship, Thursday, May 12
A program of CHICAGO LIGHTS @ Fourth Presbyterian Church
Stacy Jackson is the Director of Tutoring and Scholarship for the Partners In Education Tutoring Program, a program of Chicago Lights @ Fourth Presbyterian Church.  Stacy has been with Partners In Education for nine years, beginning as Tutoring Operations Manager and Assistant Director of the Center For Whole Life, a resource center in Cabrini Green.   In 2001, Stacy received a Masters Degree in Social Work from the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago and was promoted to her current position in that same year.    The Partners In Education Tutoring Program, now in its 40th year, serves more than 400 children in 1st - 12th grade and operates four nights a week.  Students are paired one-on-one with a volunteer tutor to work on homework and literacy skills.  The Scholarship Program provides financial and educational support for 15 Tutoring students to attend private high schools.  For more information, contact Stacy Jackson at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit

Sherard Jones,  Sinai Mentoring Program, Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13

Sinai Mentoring Program (SMP) is a school-based mentoring program targeting school-aged children grades 4th - 8th in the North/South Lawndale community of Chicago.  The mentoring program links professionals from Sinai Health System and other members of the Chicago community with youth from two Lawndale elementary schools, Melody Elementary School and Chalmers Specialty School. The program offers mentees opportunities to engage in organized activities that expose them to varied socio-economic and culturally diverse settings. Learn more at

Kenneth  King II, President, New Concepts, Thursday, May 12 
Mr. King has Extensive experience designing and administering not-for-profit mentoring programs. Track record of successful sales, marketing, and management experience. Excellent project management, interpersonal, and communication
skills.  He received a Bachelor of Arts and Science from Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois, with a concentration in communications, public relations. He is the founder of New Concepts, which operates one-on-one, school based and e-mentoring projects. Contact Ken at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Arlene Lee, JD, Director, Federal Resource Center for Children of Prisoners, Child Welfare League of America, Inc.
Friday, May 13
Arlene Lee is the Director of the Federal Resource Center for Children of Prisoners, a joint project of the Child Welfare League of America and the National Institute of Corrections.  Arlene graduated from American University's Washington College School of Law in 1987. Her career in children’s issues began by working in an adolescent group home and teaching street law to District of Columbia youth confined in juvenile justice facilities. As an attorney with the Legal Aid Bureau, she focused her practice on the representation of children in the child welfare system. Later, in a firm she founded, she represented children in delinquency, child welfare and divorce/custody matters. After years of working with systems that lacked resources, she became the founding member of a Local Management Board, designed to re-structure services for children and families, she then became its first Executive Director. Prior to joining the Child Welfare League to create the first Federal Resource Center for Children of Prisoners, she was with the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention as the Youth Strategies Manager, addressing the reduction and prevention of juvenile delinquency and adolescent substance abuse through empowerment of local communities. As a result of  these experiences she came to have a deep commitment to issues related to the needs of children and a desire to ensure that all children receive the services and supports necessary to be fully prepared for a successful future. Email- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Carol L. McClement Organizational Consultant and Trainer.  
Thursday, May 12

Carol L. McClement has over 10 years experience as both an internal and external consultant. Her knowledge and reputation as a first-class group facilitator are well recognized through her work in team building, facilitating work groups, management development and program design.

In addition to her consulting experience, Carol has experience in; Sales, computer graphics service and hardware, GE-Genigraphics, production and supply chain Management, Baxter Healthcare Corp.  Carol holds a degree in Industrial Psychology from Michigan State University and a Masters in Instructional Technology from Wayne State University.  She is certified in AchieveGlobal’s Leadership, Customer Service and Professional Selling Skills systems.

Calvin Pearce, Executive Director, Time Dollar InstituteThursday, May 12
Calvin Pearce, Executive Director, Time Dollar Tutoring - .  Calvin Pearce, is the only person from Illinois to become a finalist for the Cable in the Classroom's Cable's Leaders in Learning Awards -

Calvin Pearce has shown that one person’s vision can have a remarkable ripple effect across a city’s entire school system. Pulling together a broad partnership of schools, students and parents, Calvin has succeeded in getting thousands of inner-city kids to participate in an after-school program that uses students in these neighborhoods as peer tutors in core subjects such as reading and math. The tutors build up Time Dollars toward the purchase of computers. The parents of both the tutors and the students receiving instruction are required to participate by donating time at schools, or becoming involved with their local school council or community policing. The program has had multiple benefits: parents become more involved in schools, peer tutors are motivated to donate their time, and a much-needed service is provided for those being tutored. Since Pearce took over the program in 1996, it has expanded from five to forty-five schools and from 500 to over 5,000 participating students. To date 5,075 students have received refurbished computers in exchange for tutoring. Among participating students, test scores in math and reading are heading notably upward.

Calvin and the Time Dollar Tutoring project have received many awards and have been featured on TV and in books and magazines. Calvin’s background with computers and technology make him a perfect fit with the Time Dollar Tutoring program.  Contact Calvin Pearce at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Toinette Pilgrim, Executive Director, Student Mentor Partners, Detroit - Toinet will be part of a panel of program leaders on Thursday, May 12

Steve Roussos, Ph.D., Akouo, Inc., Thursday, May 12
Dr. Roussos is a research and evaluation scientist and trainer for community organizations and initiatives. He specializes in applied evaluation and research through which measurement and results are used to directly improve program performance and impact. His focus is on helping volunteer-based initiatives to improve community health and development. Mr. Roussos is the founder and a lead scientist of Akouo (, an organization that serves the research and knowledge management needs of community initiatives. Mr. Roussos has been providing workshops at the Tutor/Mentor Conference since 1998. 

Odette F. Samuelson,  Manager of Organization Development at Pace Suburban Bus Service, 
Thursday, May 12

Odette Samuelson has over fifteen years experience in organization development, adult education, facilitation and quality assurance.  As the Manager of Organization Development at Pace Suburban Bus Service, she facilitates corporate change initiatives as well as managing training and development for non-bargained-for employees.  Odette also has experience in Total Quality Management at Corcom, Inc. and Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

Odette holds a degree in International Business from University of Hawaii and a M. ED. in Human Resource Development from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.   She is also a certified facilitator in Achieve Global’s Leadership and Customer Service systems.

Dr. Diane Schiller, Loyola University Chicago, 
Thursday, May 12
Dr. Diane Schiller is a professor in Loyola University Chicago’s School of Education. In addition to her teaching responsibilities at the graduate and undergraduate level, Dr. Schiller is also actively engaged in grant initiatives supporting the professional development of educators in Chicago’s city and suburban schools .

Andrea Scott, Director, StudySmart, Inc. -
Friday, May 13
Andrea Scott is the Chicago Director of StudySmart, a national tutoring organization. StudySmart provides one to one, in-home tutoring for K-12 students in Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Programs include academic subject tutoring, standardized test preparation and Study Skills. Andrea holds a BA in psychology and sociology from the University of Michigan and has been the Director of StudySmart since 2002.

Janet Takehara, , Recruitment and Partnership Development Manager, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago, Thursday, May 12
Janet Takehara received a Master's of Education degree in Community Counseling from Loyola University.  In previous positions, Janet was Program Manager of Operations at Pathways to Development, Vice President of Programs at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago and a contract trainer for the Chicago Mentoring Institute.  Contact Janet at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    Website:

Otho Tucker, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Mosaica Education, Inc.
Thursday, May 12

Dr. Tucker is presently Senior Vice President of Mosaica Education, Inc. His duties there include curriculum design and review for SPECTRA, a subsidiary of Mosaica, which provides NCLB Supplemental Education Services to more than 35 schools in 8 states. Dr. Tucker collaborates with school boards and school districts to development new school choice options and to reconstitute schools in need of improvement. He also assists with Mosaica’s ongoing oversight of existing operations and partnership develop.

Dr. Tucker has served as the chairman of the National Charter School Institute Expert Advisory Panel and on the Board of the National Charter School Authorizers. During his tenure as a North Carolina educator, he served as director of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Charter School Office overseeing 100 schools, which served over 22,000 students and 1750 teachers. Prior to his work with the Department, he spent five years as a member of the North Carolina Charter School Advisory Committee in service of the North Carolina State Board of Education. Dr. Tucker was founder of Chatham Charter School, which achieved North Carolina School of Distinction honors.   Contact Dr. Tucker at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Web: 

Renee Tucker, Director of College Readiness at The Associated Colleges of Illinois, Thursday, May 12
Renee Tucker is an Illinois Certified School Social Worker.  She received a Master's of Social Work from Jane Addams School of Social Work of the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology from DePaul University. Renee is the Director of College Readiness at The Associated Colleges of Illinois, where she oversees preparatory programming for high school students around the state.  In previous positions, Renee worked as the Program Director for the AI Have A Dream@ Foundation of Chicago, a tutoring and mentoring program, and Program Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago.  Renee continues to be involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters as a member of the Program Committee of the Board of Directors. She is also responsible for establishing the first school-based mentoring program in Oak Park, Illinois, and has provided training at local conferences, health fairs and to individual organizations.   Practicing what she preaches, Renee is a volunteer with High Sight scholarship program, and has mentored a a "Little Sister" since 1994.  Contact Renee at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 

Student panel members will represent the following tutor/mentor organizations: ACI, Big Brothers Big Sisters, High Sight, Cabrini Connections and College Bound

Rosemary Walter, Mosaic Marketing,
Thursday, May 12
Rosemary Walter, the founder and president of Mosaic Marketing Management, is a seasoned business-to-business marketing
consultant with over 20 years' experience in business and marketing management. She presently works with international Fortune 500 companies as well as regional and local businesses.

Graduating with a BS in Advertising from the University of Illinois (Honors) and an MS in Marketing Communications (Honors) from Roosevelt University, Rosemary has held progressively more responsible marketing positions with industrial and consumer goods manufacturers as well as marketing communications firms.

Prior to establishing Mosaic Marketing Management in July 1998, she was a Senior Marketing Manager at Illinois Tool Works (ITW) leading the business and marketing management function and new product development work on the core business of their $200+ million construction products division. At the Alberto-Culver Company, Rosemary worked as an Assistant Product Manager on the flagship product line. As an Account Executive at DDB Worldwide, Rosemary worked with McDonald's New Products Group to fieldtest new products' advertising and promotional tactics.

Major career accomplishments include:
*  Achieving record high market share and profitability for Paslode's framing business
*  Tripling Paslode's new product framing sales in a three-year period of time
*  Introducing Chicken McNuggets into test markets leading to national roll-out
*  Achieving record high market share with a reformulated VO5 Aerosal Hair Spray

Today Rosemary consults with industrial and business-to-business companies on marketing issues. She also writes and speaks on a variety of business-related topics. In addition, she is active on several not-for-profit organizations' and professional associations' boards of directors.

Rosemary is an active member of the American Marketing Association, the Midwest Society of Professional Consultants, The Greater O'Hare Association of Industry and Commerce, Greater O'Hare Networking Executives, and Toastmasters International. She is also an active consultant with River Chase Associates.

Sign up for MOSAIC's MONTHLY MARKETING TIPS at  Contact Rosemary at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Jeri Warner, Program Director, Trusted Partners - 
Thursday, May 12
Jeri Warner is Program Director for Trusted Partners, a citywide mission of Immanuel United Church of Christ in Indianapolis, IN, which serves homeless prevention programs in Indianapolis. Trusted Partners recruits, trains, and matches volunteer mentors with people working to remain  housed and become self-sufficient.  Jeri has over 12 years of experience in developing faith-based center city programs working to instill hope and visions of possibility.

Helen A. Warren, Mentoring Network for Juvenile Court Wards, Chicago, Il. 
Thursday, May 12
Helen Warren has been participating in Tutor/Mentor Leadership Conferences for many years. She is Supervising Probation Officer of the Mentoring Network for Juvenile Court Wards of the Circuit Court of Cook County.  Helen has been a family therapist, a group therapist, has worked with Chemical Dependent Clients and has been a volunteer mentor.  She received an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Roosevelt University and a Masters of Science in Correctional Psychology from Chicago State University.  She is a resident of the Southside of Chicago.

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