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November 2010 Conference Workshops
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Fall 2010 Conference: Expanded Workshop Descriptions  

Friday, November 19, 2010- One Day Conference

The goal of the conference was to help tutor/mentor leaders and supporters expand their networks of friends, peers and supporters.  Below is the agenda for the November 19, 2010 conference. 

Thank you to all speakers, workshop leaders and panel discussion participants for donating their time. Please continue this information sharing in the online forum at http://tutormentorconnection.ning.com

Workshop, Panel & Keynote Descriptions:


Keynote and Welcome -  9:00 am to 9:30 am

The State of Tutoring/Mentoring in the Chicago Region

Daniel F. Bassill, President & CEO of Tutor/Mentor Connection

Bassill will use maps to show distribution of different types of tutoring/mentoring  programs in the high   poverty areas of the region. Use this as a planning tool for 2011 capacity building.


Group Networking Session -  9:30 am to 10:00 am

How to Maximize Networking at the Conference

Jordan Hestermann, Executive Director, Becoming We The People  

This session will give conference attendees skills they can use throughout the day to network effectively. Skills will include: setting networking goals, how to approach people, how to start conversations, an example of networking, and how to follow up with your new contacts after the conference. This session is for everyone at the conference and is intended to encourage people to talk to each other at the conference so they can make the most out of the day.




First Morning Workshops - 10:15 am to 11:15 am  


Imagine Mars: Exposing Kids to Careers in Math, Science & Technology

Rose Mabwa, Manager, Mercy Housing

Participants will be informed about collaborative partnerships that engage youth while exposing them to careers in math, science, technology, and engineering in a fun and innovative way that encourages creativity and brainstorming about finding solutions to their immediate, pressing community problems. The workshop is intended to serve youth mentors and mentees. The workshop will energize, empower, and challenge volunteer leaders to think outside the box and cooperative with other community stakeholders to help youth stay in school, graduate, go to college, and reach their highest potential by encouraging careers in math, science, technology, and engineering.

    Experience Level Directed Toward: All

    Relevant Grade Levels: 6th - 12th grade

Intro to Web Video and the Implications for Nonprofits

Brad Manilla. Director of Creative Development, let's dabble, LLC

This discussion covers how nonprofits can use web video and why it matters. While traditional video production is too costly to use regularly, web video produced in-house is an incredibly affordable alternative that nonprofits can use more frequently to connect with donors, staff and volunteers. Imagine being able to utilize video for personalized "thank you"  videos for high-profile donors, quarterly updates to show program progress, internal/external training videos or even supplement a grant proposal. We'll  show you how to bring these possibilities to fruition. Participants will walk away with an understanding of: how video technology has changed, the implications of current technology for nonprofits, how video is merely another form of storytelling, the new opportunities to reach supporters in unique ways using web video.

    Experience Level Directed Toward:  Beginner


Getting Your Student Ready for College

Alexandria Taylor, Director of College Access and Success, The Associated Colleges of Illinois

What does readiness have to do with preparing your students for college? The answer is EVERYTHING. In this workshop, we will discuss how you, as counselor, can assist your students with different pathways to college, and why the right path matters. We will also look at useful tools and resources to help the Middle and High School students succeed in and out of College.

    Experience Level Directed Toward: All

    Relevant Grade Levels: 6th - 12th grade

Youth Violence and Gang Prevention

CoCo Calixto, Prevention Specialist, BUILD (Broader Urban Involvement & Leadership Development)

CoCo Calixto, Prevention Coordinator at BUILD, will describe his organization's prevention programs, which include in-school activities, after- and out-of-school activities, and community outreach and collaborations. CoCo, who has more than 25 years of experience, works with youth constantly, equipping them to resist violence, drugs and gangs and develop life skills, such as decision-making, goal setting and conflict resolution. This workshop is for anyone who works with youth who may be lured by street gangs, violence, and/or drugs. CoCo will provide tips for how to reach these teens, both in a one-on-one capacity and through specific programs. Participants should expect to be intrigued and inspired by CoCo's personal story and his work.

    Experience Level Directed Toward: All

    Relevant Grade Levels: K - 12th grade


Second Morning Workshops - 11:25 am to 12:25 pm 


Creative Marketing Solutions to Support Nonprofits

Moderator: Eugene Breger, Director of Business Development, MarketSphere Consulting, LLC

Ash Blue, Founder and Main Writer, Ash Blue Design

Lynne Kurdziel, Founder and CEO, Luminate

How can a non-profit with a modest budget achieve the results of a multi-million dollar marketing campaign? In this session combining presentation and discussion, we will explore ways to increase mind share for Tutor/Mentor Connection through online channels such as social media and offline channels such as creative grassroots campaigns. This workshop is intended for: business people operating within either the for-profit or non-profit sector, marketing and communications professionals, ministry leaders, social services agencies, and fund raising volunteers. The takeaway will be a greater understanding of how a modest financial investment by a non-profit agency - and its supporters - can raise significant awareness, support and funding for itself.

    Experience Level Directed Toward: All


Exposure to Violence: Effects of Trauma on Students

Ylonda Ware, Clinical Therapist, Naelewa Counseling Services

This workshop will discuss how violence and trauma effects student social/emotional development and learning. Participants will be given strategies to reduce barriers to academic success and improve tutoring/mentoring. This workshop will be facilitated through a powerpoint presentation. Handouts and resources will be given out that can be utilized to improve mentoring and tutoring skills.  Participants can expect to improve their knowledge and understanding of the impact of violence and trauma on student learning.

    Experience Level Directed Toward: All


Parental Power: Unlocking the Key to Successful Program Outcomes

Toinette Gunn, Executive Director, The Partnership to Educate & Advance Kids (PEAK)

This workshop will focus on the important role that parents play in mentoring and tutoring programs.  Additionally, the workshop will explore how parental involvement is critical in achieving successful program outcomes.  During the workshop, attendees will learn about: Getting parents engaged and involved in programming, communicating with parents, screening techniques for selecting the “right” type of parents for your program, establishing parental program expectations, and how investing in parents ultimately translates to money for your organization.


Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Panel

Moderator: Scott McFarland, Resource & Information Manager, Serve Illinois Commission

Christy Beighe-Byrne, Director of Mentor & Volunteer Services, Chicago Youth Centers

Karina Kelly, City Director, Jumpstart

Joel Newman, Director of Community Partnerships, Big Brothers Big Sisters

This workshop outlines the best practices and common issues that come up when recruiting and retaining volunteers for tutor and mentor programs. Attendees will learn how to identify, address and implement a variety of practices to effectively recruit, train and retain volunteers in school-based and community-based tutoring and mentoring programs.

    Experience Level Directed Toward: All


Lunch & Networking Tables - 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

First Afternoon Workshops - 1:45 pm  to 2:45 pm


Marketing and Branding for Nonprofit Organizations

Chris Beebe, Principal, the Visionary Agency

Chris Huizenga, Director of Development and Partnerships, EPIC: Engaging Philanthropy, Inspiring Creatives

This panel discussion will examine the importance of marketing a nonprofit organization, and the crucial factors involved when communicating its value. This panel will be a quick and honest discussion about how to identify and segment markets, how to position the organization to better understand those customers, and how nonprofits can apply an integrated marketing mix to influence and steer their brand. This workshop is intended for nonprofit leaders, including executives, board members, and marketing and development staff. Participants should expect to learn why branding is crucial to nonprofits and how to better understand their customers in order to better position the organization.

    Experience Level Directed Toward: Beginner


Social Network Analysis of Tutor/Mentor Conferences

Kalyani Misra, SNA Volunteer, Tutor/Mentor Connection

This session will show the use of Social Network Analysis (SNA) tools to map the participation in T/MC conferences and illustrate how these conferences foster relationships between different organizations. We will also discuss ways to collect data that shows how organizations connect with each other through these conferences.

See presentation PDF


Successful Special Events

Mary Gerace, Consultant, Mary Gerace Enterprises

In today's nonprofit climate, every special event must be a success. This workshop will give beginners a comprehensive overview of how to plan and produce events efficiently and effectively. How to conceptualize, design and execute a successful event with maximum results and minimum hassle is a necessity for every nonprofit event manager. Choosing a venue, crafting time lines, budgeting, marketing, publicity, board involvement, soliciting in-kind donations, securing sponsorships, and recruiting and rewarding volunteers will be among the topics discussed. Attendees are encouraged to bring their ideas for future events to this workshop.

    Experience Level Directed Toward: Beginner


Using Technology to Reduce Truancy

Ed Bates, Director of Prevention Services, PASS (Positive Alternative Student Services)

    Lake Country Regional Office of Education
Terence Hodges, Outreach Specialist, PASS (Positive Alternative Student Services)

    Lake Country Regional Office of Education

Participants will learn how to use truancy and dropout prevention data to identify students at-risk of failure before problems occur or become too difficult to turn students around. Participants will receive updated information on the dropout crisis in America, identify tools and strategies that are currently being used to keep students enrolled in school, and discuss truancy/mentoring web-based maps as a useful tool for identifying communities with the highest percentages of school dropouts. The target audience for this workshop includes teachers, school administrators, social workers, counselors, and truancy personnel.

    Experience Level Directed Toward: All

    Relevant Grade Levels: All

Second Afternoon Workshops - 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm


Creating Your Own Neighborhood Maps

Mike Trakan, GIS Map Developer, Tutor/Mentor Connection, http://mappingforjustice.blogspot.com

This workshop will show how local programs, youth groups, students in service-learning classes, and journalists within local media can create maps like Mike uses on his blog to draw attention and resources to tutor/mentor programs in neighborhoods where more are needed. Come with one or two addresses that you would like to map, and you'll leave knowing how you can create a blog article with your map included.  Attend the Mapping Solutions reception on November 17 at Webster Wine Bar. See http://www.tutormentorexchange.net/mapathon


Financing Higher Education: How to Get It, and How to Pay For It

Abel Montoya, Director of Outreach Operations, Illinois Student Assistance Commission

A college education can be the key to greater economic opportunity, but it can also be a source of staggering loans.  As the costs of higher education continue to spiral upwards, there are many factors that play a role in the decision making.  Will college be a sound investment in terms of increased salary and career opportunities?  What are the resources for financing higher education?  These and other questions will be examined. This workshop is intended for those professionals and individuals that work with students interested in pursuing a post secondary degree, along with those individuals that work with parents in explaining the process of paying for college.

    Experience Level Directed Toward: All

    Relevant Grade Levels: 9th - 12th grade


Update Your Status: Using Social Networking to Improve Organizational Branding

Jacquita Smith, Program Director, Camp of Dreams

"Update Your Status" workshop participants will get an overview of using social networks (specifically Facebook & Twitter) for organizational marketing. Participants will also learn several tutoring/mentoring techniques for connecting with their mentees, volunteers, and other program participants through social networks. The workshop is intended for any program leaders or volunteers who work with middle/high school youth. It will provide general knowledge about using social networks to improve an organization's brand, and it will offer tips on using social networks to connect with mentees/students. Participants should expect to learn creative ways to help students with homework/test prep, as well as, methods for recruiting program participants and volunteers.

    Experience Level Directed Toward: Beginner

    Relevant Grade Levels: 6th - 12th grade


University Partnerships

Amy Ludwig, Associate Director, Illinois Campus Compact

This workshop will focus on University Partnerships; specifically how can staff and faculty better work with their community partners and vice versa.  The goals for the session are to discuss ideas on how to improve partnerships, the ideal partnership and future ideas on how to further improve relationships.  We hope participants walk away with concrete ideas that they can bring back to their staff and partners. The presentation will discuss how the campus can be a citizen and some effective measures partners can take in working with their local campus.  Finally, we hope participants will gain knowledge on how to form promising partnerships.


Closing Keynote Panel - 4:10 pm to 5:00 pm

Waiting for 'Superman', Education Reform, and Non-School Programs

Moderator: Jim O'Connor, Project Director, Advance Illinois

Katie Cangemi, Director of Education, United Way of Metropolitan Chicago

Mark Duhon, Founder & Executive Director, HighSight

Sylvia M. Ewing, Deputy Director, Illinois Network Of Charter Schools

Lisa Vahey, Founder, Chicago New Teacher Center

This panel will focus on how tutoring/mentoring programs fit into discussions on education reform. We encourage conference participants to view the film "Waiting for Superman" prior to the conference and to come with questions for the panelists.





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