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Creating Network of Purpose. A Shared Effort

The Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC seeks to connect non profits, businesses, media and other stakeholders in a virtual network that supports the growth of comprehensive, volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in cities all over the country.

Over the years interns have helped us create a variety of visual presentations that share our strategies. If you review these and discuss them with your own planning team you'll build your own understanding and see ways to apply these ideas in your own community.  The complete set of essays can be found in the Library on this site.

A few introductory essays are listed below.

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These articles illustrate Tutor/Mentor Connection ideas:

  1. Creating a Network of Purpose – The Tutor/Mentor Connection
  2. Role of Tutor/Mentor Connection, and Intermediaries, in a Community Building Strategy
  3. Introduction to Tutor/Mentor Connection and Four-Part Strategy - Prezi created by Intern in 2012
  4. Role of talent volunteer (pro bono consultants, other) in building network of programs
  5. Tutoring/Mentoring as a form of Service-Learning
  6. Growing the Tutor/Mentor Learning Network
  7. Collaboration Goals
  8. Tutor/Mentor Connection Quarterly Events. Creating year round visibility. YouTube video
  9. View videos on Tutor/Mentor Institute Theater page

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